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Introduction To Sportsmanship Portal

Majority of the parents in Pakistan would like their children to study and secure good marks or grades. They hardly think about any other options for their children and they spend every effort to see their kids become high scoring students with the hope that they will be able to secure good jobs or earnings for themselves only if they will have high grades in their studies.

Guide Pakistan believes that education is necessary for every person to be aware of general knowledge and current affairs of life but high marks might not be able to offer them a successful life or high earnings. If you look around you, you will find number of people who were good in studies but are living average life, you will also find number of examples where people had average grades in their studies but they are living a successful life because they opted for a profession that they were good at.

Sports is always considered to be an extracurricular activity and sports persons are only recognized in Pakistan once they achieve a level through their own efforts. First recognition has to be at society level before community and family accepts it and supports it. Guide Pakistan believes that first recognition has to be at family level or trainer level and then efforts should be made so that such individual can excel in his or her abilities.

A teenager deserves the right to know about all the sports, respective rules, training facilities, availability of trainers, resources required and be able to analyse their interests and abilities before picking or dropping any such activities. Guide Pakistan aims to provide this information so that kids and parents are able to get credible information and help children decide about their sports activities. This will promote health and competition and children will be less at risk of dwelling into negative activities.

Guide Pakistan aims to support this objective through following steps.

*This is our starting point. We believe that information provision through this project will be ever increasing and members will benefit as they go along.

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