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Every Pakistani must have access to complete information that leads them to take wise decisions about their life and future enabling them to spend a successful life, without a fear of being manipulated by another person.

Guide Pakistan believes that there is no sole source of unbiased, credible, reliable and accurate information in Pakistan where youth can access it and use it for their awareness and development. Guide Pakistan is aiming at the information requirements of age group of sixteen to thirty two years old. This is the age group where an individual passes through practical steps of his life and have to take certain decisions that shape his future. Such practical steps include decisions about education, employment, business, career development, financial management and general life issues. During this phase individuals have to rely on whatever information is available around them, irrespective of the fact that if the information is correct or not. There are certain groups of people who capitalize on such opportunities and abuse the simplicity and innocence of such individuals for their personal gains.

In order to achieve this mission, Guide Pakistan aims to be largest information portal of Pakistan where a member can access available information and can request information that is not available.

By establishing a community of representatives and associates from all across Pakistan, Guide Pakistan believes that it will be able to harness best available information on the basis of strengths and knowledge of its members’ base. Therefore we encourage you to register yourself as part of the unique and the only project that will help the nation of Pakistan.