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At some point in your life you think of studying, working or living in a different country. Though you think about it but you have number of questions in your mind and you must have complete information before you take such an important decision. Guide Pakistan has contacts in most of the possible countries and we use these resources to help you realize the situation on the ground before you take a final decision of working towards migration.



People have been victims of fraud and inaccurate planning because they were told of something that was not correct. Guide Pakistan tries to help as much as possible by providing your reliable and credible information towards your questions that can be verified through independent resources. Some of the possible questions could be where to go, living standard, earning potential, visa possibilities, visa costs, processing times, traps etc.

Though we believe you can do the necessary research online or through your own reliable resources but, if necessary, Guide Pakistan can also help you verify the information you possess. Please visit Migration services page for further details.

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