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Introduction To Life Portal

In Pakistan, considering our past, our friend’s past and/or family friend’s past, we realize that most of the decisions about life related issues are taken on the basis of advice from someone we know, irrespective of the fact that if they are the best persons to advise or not.

GP believes that individuals in Pakistan take first step in their practical life from the age of sixteen to thirty two. This is the phase of their life where they take decisions or perform acts for the first time in their life related to the topics mentioned above. This is the phase where they have to take any direction wisely and credible and neutral information is crucial. GP has provided specific information in five main streams of study, employment, business, sports and showbiz. Anything other than these main streams will be covered under Life stream.

GP aims to provide well researched and credible information for general public as situation warrants. It will help individuals take well informed decisions as compared to ill informed decisions. This information will also stop the crooks misleading innocent youth or gaining material benefit through abusing innocence and lack of awareness. Main areas of information are as below.

Guide Pakistan aims to be largest and credible information portal of Pakistan where members can seek information as much as possible. Guide Pakistan will aim to provide information publically on any topic that is in the benefit of general public. It can either be from the scope of GP or on the request of its members.

*This is our starting point. We believe that information provision through this project will be ever increasing and members will benefit as they go along.

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