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Personal Assessment

This exercise is all about you and understanding yourself. We will ask you to complete number of questionnaires that can be completed in 1-2 hours duration. You will have to submit these online. You can complete these questionnaires in your own time but within the duration of two weeks.

Once you complete the questionnaires, our team member will hold a call with you to ensure that your questionnaires are complete and the information we have is correct. Once the information is complete, our Financial Advisor will call you for a meeting. Depending on the location of our Advisor, this meeting can take place in our office, on phone or via skype. Advisor will ensure that your information is concluded with you and you are given a personality assessment in terms of your possible financial progression options.

This exercise will cost you PKR 5000 (Five thousand Pakistan Rupees only).

* Eligible customers can claim up to 50% discount.