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Financial Management

Financial Progression Plan

This exercise includes the elements of Personal Assessment, Savings, Loans and Investments. This will only be relevant to you if you are in steady stream of income and would like to develop a plan for you so that you can implement it in coming years and achieve your objectives. You will follow the complete process of Personal Assessment and will complete additional questionnaires geared towards Savings, Loans and Investments. Additional questionnaires will be completed online and discussed with our team member to ensure that the information is complete and accurate.

Later our Financial Advisor will organize a meeting with you. Depending on the location of our Financial Advisor, this meeting can take place in our office, on phone or via skype. Our office can facilitate this meeting for you. Financial Advisor will ensure that your information is concluded with you and you are given a Financial Progression Plan to follow in coming years.

This exercise will cost you PKR 12,000 (Twelve thousand Pakistan Rupees only) in total.

If you will require a written copy of plan, the total cost will be PKR 15,000 (Fifteen thousand Pakistan Rupees only).

* Eligible customers can claim up to 50% discount.