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Financial Management Service

Business Research (existing setup)

This service will offer the financial analysis of existing setup and the possibilities of growing it. This option is for the people who are already in a business and they are not sure if their business is doing well or it is running to its potential.

Our team member will complete a questionnaire with you to do the financial analysis. Our research graduate will do the necessary research as required for new startup and further analyses related to existing business.

Later Financial advisor will hold a meeting with you to discuss the possible options going forward. We have provided necessary research techniques in the Business portal of Guide Pakistan website. Though you can conduct the research yourself and come to a conclusion but sometimes it is not that easy. You require the knowledge and the resources to complete the exercise.

Basic research report costs PKR 15,000 (Fifteen thousand rupees only). Financial Advisor will discuss the report with you and depending on the situation will advise further options, if necessary.

Sometimes it is also necessary to see the personality of the person going to run the business. Financial advisor will advise so, if necessary.