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Financial Management Services

Being an individual we are occupied with financial management activities on daily basis. How to manage budget, how much to spend on an activity, where to invest the savings, what are the high return investments, which businesses I can step in, what options are available for me etc.

Considering that Guide Pakistan is focusing on youth, we believe that we can support our youth by providing information and guidance on following points.

  1. Your personality and personal circumstances
  2. Your qualifications, experiences and earning potential
  3. Your personal profile and relevant professions
  4. Employment and financial progression options
  5. Your personal profile and relevant business options
  6. Business research, setup and progression plans
  7. Savings and Investment options
  8. Leasing, loans and joint venture options
  9. Linking all the information and developing a financial progression plan
  10. Using the resources to support your financial progression plan

Financial Management Services

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