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Introduction To Employment Portal

Majority of the individuals aim to find a job after they have completed their studies. With reference to theme of this project, most of the people are living their lives not because they planned for it but because they ended up in it due to their circumstances or ill informed decisions.

In Pakistan, students study what they are told to study or where they get admission. They do not think about their strengths, weaknesses, dreams, passion, environmental factors, circumstances or the professions in demand. People will study, science or arts, medical, engineering or business. They will continue studying until they have reached the highest possible level they can achieve and then they start looking for job with no work experience in hand. Employers find it very difficult to train them basics of employment and employees themselves also find it difficult to adjust to basics of employment.

Once a person is in employment, I have seen people who spend whole of their life in one position or with one organization. I have also seen people switching jobs every year or so but with no progression whereas some people are quite good in progressing. Mostly people link such progression to your luck but some people believe that you need to work towards achieving progression.

Guide Pakistan aims to provide guidance to prospective employees so that they can plan their career according to their interests and strengths. This can be achieved by performing following steps.

*This is our starting point. We believe that information provision through this project will be ever increasing and members will benefit as they go along.

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