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What to study, where to study, what difference will it make, will I get a good job, will I be able to make good money, will people see me as an educated person? These are some of the questions people think when they are planning their studies or when parents or elders are thinking about their juniors. Unfortunately in Pakistan, study is still considered to be a forced element and separately from practical knowledge. Majority of the student are studying to earn a degree and nothing more than that. Students have to study something as they are led to it. No one thinks about what is relevant to student’s interests and there is no information that is publically available to students that can lead them to foresee how their studies will contribute to their practical life.

Almost every student or parent knows four options at maximum i.e. Doctor, Engineer, Accountant and IT. Its only when students are unable to perform in these options, they are led into other streams without knowing where these are taking them to.

Guide Pakistan aims to increase awareness at student and parent level to understand different options available in Pakistan through following means.

*This is our starting point. We believe that information provision through this project will be ever increasing and members will benefit as they go along.

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