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We understand sometimes it is not that easy to conclude the career planning steps yourself. Therefore Guide Pakistan offers the service where we help you create your profile, identify career options and develop your career plan.

You will be asked to fill number of questionnaires depending on your own circumstances. Questionnaires will differ depending on your own circumstances and the phase you are in of your career. Once you have completed the questionnaires, we will build your profile and share it with you to remove any gaps. Once agreed, our Guide will have a one to one session with you in order to help you identify your career options, define career goals and develop a career plan. This session can be organized face to face, on phone or over skype.

You can plan your own career by following the steps as listed below:

Career planning steps
Career planning starts with your personality analysis. You need to know and understand the following:
  1. Your strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses that you can overcome and the one you cannot.
  2. Subjects you enjoy studying and skills you enjoy practicing.
  3. Professions you inspire and will enjoy working for.
  4. Your attitude towards employment or business.
  5. Your qualifications and relevant professions.
  6. Your experience in skilled and unskilled trades.
  7. Linking all the information and developing a career plan.
  8. Using the resources to support your career plan.

Career Services

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