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Career is considered to be an occupation undertaken for a significant period of person’s life that provides opportunities for progression.

In Pakistan very few individuals plan and pursue a career. In our opinion a successful career will depend on your personality, education and profession. In general terms career will mean differently to every individual in Pakistan. For men they will be happy as long as they are making their living and for women they will be happy as long as they are living a good family life.

Ideal Career

Ideal Career Situation:

  • You study what you like and what you enjoy.
  • You work in a field relevant to your studies and interests.
  • You progress your career as you move along time.

Average Pakistani’s situation:

  • You study where you get admission or where you see most people going to.
  • You work where you find a job or where you end up getting a job.
  • You struggle to move up or progress.
Career Studying

Its never too late to analyze your situation and plan your career move. Depending on your situation, you can plan your career when you are a teenager, when you are in 20s, 30s or later. Being a teenager you plan your career and act towards achieving it. In your 20s, you pick a career suitable to your circumstances and you work towards it. In your 30s or later, you analyze your situation and decide if career change is an option for you.

Guide Pakistan portals i.e. life, employment, business etc. have tried to pool resources that can help you progress through career planning steps. In addition you can also tap on several resources online to assist you build your very own career plan.

Though we believe you can complete these steps and develop a career plan yourself but, if necessary, Guide Pakistan can also help you achieve it. Please visit Career services page for further details.

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