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Introduction To Business Portal

Business is one of the options an individual considers at some stage in his life. There are following reasons people consider business as an option for their career and livelihood.

Due to low literacy rate and scarcity of information, community has a strong belief that people do what they are destined to do. They just copy other people who are successful in their business. In majority of the cases, they do not conduct any research before they set up a business. They follow their instincts, advise from their loved ones and find an option depending on their capital, knowledge and experience.

Most of the people are considered to be successful just because they deal in consumer products and population increase helps in supporting their business. They are opportunistic and make profits as the situation presents itself. Concept of fixed price is very rare and same product can be sold at different price at different location or depending on who is purchasing it. This feature allows intelligent sales persons to make more profits.

Guide Pakistan aims to play its role for business community by providing information on the following aspects of business in Pakistan.

For investors or Entrepreneurs

  • Business structures and statutory obligations
  • Necessary basic research analysis for different popular businesses
  • Basic analysis tools or techniques to analyse options
  • Business feasibilities for SMEs (small and medium enterprises)
  • Available Government support
  • Available Financial support
  • Available information for international business options
  • Provision of information on available business opportunities
  • Businesses for sale/purchase

For Consumers

  • Provision of information on existing quality standards
  • Provision of information about existing suppliers and products

*This is our starting point. We believe that information provision through this project will be ever increasing and members will benefit as they go along.

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